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Working with me

As a Consultant Psychologist I integrate the theory and practice of what has delivered results within clinical, education and commercial settings. This is a focus on doing what works, and doing it well.

Central to 'what works' is the development of psychological awareness and flexibility as the route to achieving goals whilst staying healthy and sane. It's about reaching meaningful outcomes, that are sustainable and founded on values. This is what works.

VPowell 2020

Working alongside you, I develop tailored psychological support that helps professionals do their best work, even when facing adversity, challenge and unprecedented demand.

How this is achieved is unique to each client context, but the following are proven to work:

  • Having professional environments that deliver happy, healthy, effective workplaces

  • Enabling individuals to make meaningful contributions and personally grow

  • Integrating wellbeing, performance and leadership to get ahead of the curve

  • Not losing sight of the values that matter to you.