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Coaching psychology & coaching supervision

Psychological Coaching is a working partnership, and starts from the premise that you are already functioning well, have strengths and successes, but may have become stuck or are managing a particular adversity.

The initial task is to identify how, despite your efforts, you may be stuck or why progress fades. Then we work together to develop pragmatic strategies for how to get unstuck and return to living a way of being more consistent with your values and goals.

Psychological coaching provides professional support with a range of challenges:

  • navigating career or life changes and major decisions
  • work or personal relationships
  • overcoming adversities and rebuidling resilience
  • developing ‘signature’ strengths and finding new adventures

Coaching is typically a short-term, goal-focused relationship. I aim to help clients make meaningful progress within 6-8 coaching sessions.

Coaching Supervision

As a BPS registered Chartered Coaching Psychologist I provide Coaching Supervision in one-to-one and group format to:

  • individual independent coaches
  • teams of internal coaches and mentors
  • coaching practitioners undertaking professional accreditations
  • coaches undertaking the BPS route to Chartered Coaching Psychologist status

Coaching and supervision within organisations

If you are an organisation looking to commission coaching for key individuals or teams, please use the ‘Contact us’ link to find out more.