Psychotherapy | Coaching | Psychology at Work

Fees & Payment

Fees apply as follows:

Standard therapy appointment, on-line - £90 (50 minutes)

Clinical supervision, on-line - £90 (60 minutes)

Coaching sessions, on-line - £120 (90 minutes)

An invoice is emailed to you after each appointment, for payment by BACS within 7 days.

The total number of therapy or coaching sessions are your choice, and we would discuss this at the inital appointment alongside confidentiality, my cancellation policy and the most appropriate treatment recommendations for you.

Health Insurance

If you intend to use private health insurance to pay for your appointments, you will need to obtain an authorisation code from them. Simply provide them with the necessary contact and professional registration details from this website to do this.

I am already registered with a number of major health insurance companies - AXA, AVIVA, HEALIX, PRUHEALTH, WPA. CIGNA. It is also possible for me to register with new insurance companies as your therapist should you choose to complete some psychological work with me.

In some cases your insurer may require a referral to VP Psychology Services via your GP. This is usually a simple process and will not restrict your choice of psychologist. It is advisable to clarify any requirements or preferred arrangements with your insurance provider before contacting us.

Coaching and Psychology at Work services

I work with a range of organisations using psychology to improve performance and well-being at work. Please contact us to discuss the the tailored nature of this work of this work, and the associated fees.