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Psychotherapy is increasingly used by a wide range of people to help with a variety of life difficulties. You may be seeking a brief series of sessions to target a specific problem or want to explore longer-standing issues with the help of psychological insight.

Psychotherapy can help with:

Depression | Anxiety & panic | Relationship problems | Anger | Stress & burnout | Grief & loss

Post-traumatic stress disorder | Eating & body image problems | Long standing personality issues

Understanding difficult thoughts and feelings | Fulfilling potential

What psychotherapy approach is right for you?

Therapy is essentially a private space to explore difficult experiences or emotions. Identifying the most appropriate approach to take to explored these is a key aim of the initial consultation. I will discuss the range of psychotherapy approaches available but the starting point will always be to explore how you see the problem, its impact on you and your life.

Sometimes cients have knowledge about psychotherapy and have a specific approach in mind. It is therefore useful for you to know that I work with the following approaches:

CBT | EMDR | Integrative Psychological Counselling | ACT

Above all, I strive to integrate elements from across these approaches to best serve the client and their progress through therapy.