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Eating Related Problems

There are many factors contributing to unhealthy eating patterns. The media focus on healthy diets and physical attractiveness are often sited as a major factor, but almost always, the reasons for disordered eating are far more complex than this.

Disordered patterns of eating lead to unproductive relationships with food and our bodies:

Overly restricting your eating to feel in control
Developing very rigid rules about what is permissible to eat
Using over-eating to coping with difficult emotions
Feeling the need to purge your body of any food eaten
Becoming preoccupied with the effect of any food consumption on your body

The consequences of ongoing disordered eating can include:

impaired social life, conflict with others, medical complications, feeling overly emotional or conversely feeling emotionally numb, deterioration in your ability to think clearly, increasingly secretive behaviours, unreasonable feelings of shame or guilt

I do not provide a weight management service, but a psychological approach to understanding the thoughts and feelings behind your disordered eating, using evidence-based approaches to modify problematic behaviours.