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About Dr Vikki Powell

I am a Chartered Psychologist working in both clinical and corporate settings.

VPowell 2020

As a clinician I work with a range of psychological problems, including specialist experience with eating disorders and military veterans’ mental health.

I specialise in offering therapy approaches that have been proven to help individuals suffering with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, anger and loss.

As a coach and consultant, my background is in the corportate world, and I have a successful track record in helping individual leaders and executives in my role as a professional coach. Coaching helps people improve personal productivity, manage work-life balance, make difficult decisions and develop their own signature strengths as managers and leaders.

This combination of clinical and corporate experience provides me with the perfect blend of skills to help individuals who want some professional and pragmatic support in addressing their personal life goals or current difficulties.

Professional Registrations: BPS Chartered Psychologist 095634 | HCPC registered PYL29345